Brexit Deal


I smell a rat.
Parliament recently voted down Mays deal with the biggest defeat in history.

Not just because it was bad, but because it was TRULY diabolical.

Now an amendment is proposed.

The “amendment” is being advanced by Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson and has won the support of prominent Remainers in the Tory party including Sarah Wollaston, Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry.

The amendment would offer all MPs the chance to support, or abstain on, the withdrawal bill and would specify that, if passed, the decision would be implemented on the condition it was put to the public for approval in a second referendum.

If the amendment passed through parliament but the deal was rejected in the subsequent referendum, the UK would stay in the EU under current arrangements.

“The beauty of this plan is that it holds attractions for both Leavers (no it doesnt!) and RemainersRemainers could vote for May’s deal, or abstain, even though they might not like it, in the knowledge that they could campaign against it later in the referendum.”

Hang on, May herself said “No deal is better than a bad deal” but that’s completely taken off the table for us to vote on......not even considered.

Instead leavers get to choose the most DIABOLICAL deal ever...(a deal negotiated by a remainer!) or remain......and leavers get to point that out in a referendum!!!

FACT -We’ll get every MP that voted against her deal abstaining....knowing that in a referendum they’ll point out it was the worst f**cking abomination of a deal EVER negotiated in history and we’ll therefore remain as it is rejected by the Public as it is total surrender to Europe.

I'd rather remain than accept Mays deal.

Total stitch’s the equivalent of a rigged vote - unless they Put “no deal” on the table too.....

What are they scared of?
If “no deal” is so unpallatable to everyone it will SURELY get rejected too!
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