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  • Hi! I want to order 2 ashtray letterings - how to go ahead?
    Helmut Pollinger
    Thurnsdorferstraße 32
    4300 St. Valentin
    Hi :) Wants a Maserati Signature for the Ashtray. Pay you with PayPal. Thanks. Regards Arnt Ove Hol, Norway.
    Hi, just getting back about the Maserati Signature for the Ashtray. Send me your Paypal and I will send you payment with address etc. Thanks for getting back to me as well. Steve Harrison
    Re the lift, is it single or three phase, what price does he want and can you send pics please
    Hi peeps anyone living in Kent UK would be nice to meet
    I learned on another forum that you may be selling rotors for a 2012 Maserati Gran Turismo. Can you give me a link where I can read up on the product and then make a decision? I will need all 4 before too long. Thank you.
    Hi Matt

    My 42 is in the garage at the mo having a new handbrake cable fitted. he has just contacted me and told me that my disks are fried!! I know I opted out of the first batch due to financial constraints! Do you have an idea of when the second batch are due? Or do I bite the bullet and buy from others.
    Cheers matt
    Hi Matt

    Regarding the 3200 roll bar group buy, they'd like 10% deposit upfront to start production, I thought I would ring them next week to give then the go ahead
    Shall I ask them for there bank details..

    I'm not sure how you would like to proceed


    A rather random question, I don't suppose you sold your GS through Targa Florio in Chichester by any chance...


    Do you know if the forum will offer flowers four our friend Ryan ?
    If yes, please tell me I would like to be one.
    Hi Matt,
    Please can you take a look at the thread Independent Maserati Specialists.
    I wondered if we could introduce somehow a safe points system rating each indie on members experiences, so that other members new and old could benefit from it. I realise there could be pitfalls, but done properly it could be beneficial. What do you think??
    I am trying to upload a word document of only 32kb, with a list of independants and the site will not allow me to upload, but it will photographs with a much bigger file size. Can you HELP???

    Hi Matt.
    Been given your name, as you know a lot of cars on the forum.
    Im thinking of buying Pauls car. Paul, who has bought the 456. Do you know anything about his car?
    Im just trying to cover my ****. He says the clutch is strong, but not been changed, in his ownership.
    Should i insist in a clutch health report?
    He does all his own maintenance. Is he good?
    Hi Matt,

    I was emailing with James at GP Nottingham today. He's checking a couple of bits and bobs on the MCV, but asked if I would mind posting the details of a 4200 they're taking in, which I said I would. This put me in mind of the up-coming classified section.

    Are you happy for me to put him in touch with you? If yes, then what email address should I give him?

    Cheers, Em.
    Hi Conaero,
    Can you tell me more about this placing an order for the Alfa 4c. Must I send you my details?
    Joe Power
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