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  • Wow, I'll look forward to hearing more about the whole CARSUK episode! Sounds like there was some rare metal, not least the Boomie.. Regards, Miles.
    Hi, I got my Mas about 6 weeks ago and I'm still finding my feet in the select world of Masarati ownership! I have wanted one for many years and got the green light from my wife earlier in the year. I have been mostly active on the ********************* and only joined this forum yesterday.

    I will do some posting as soon as I can and I've read enough threads to get a feel for this board.

    I was the European training manager for zymol (top end car wax) from 99-02 and finished up working for CARS UK in a secret warehouse near Bury st Edmunds where there were housed simply millions of pounds worth of exotics and the company owner is renound around the world for 'finding' cars for people; on the transporter that arrived with the Boomerang on it was a 0 miles Porsche 959 and an origional and UK registered GT40 that was not known to the GT40 register on the instructions of the origional racing driver owner!

    I'll expand the tale when time permits...

    Cheers, 2b1ask1
    Thanks for the message 2b1ask1, Yes the Boomerang is a beautiful car, and regarded as a design classic which, in my humble opinion, is more than justified.

    You mentioned you detailed one? I'd love to hear more, as I'm sure would the rest of the forum. Hope you'll make a little time to post in the Newbie section so we can all officially say Hi? Tell us a bit about your current Trident also? That always gets the guys going :)

    Hope you'll stick around and join in and with regards, Emtee.
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