2019 weight loss and fitness accountability club

I’m trying this time round to weigh myself less often. The temptation is to step on the scales every morning, but I’m not sure it actually helps, or tells you anything useful. So I’m trying to weigh myself no more than twice a week.
Get on scales. Note weight. Drink 500ml of water. Recheck weight. OMG! I've put on a pound! ;)

Trend is the important thing and so far everyone's trending the right way :D

It was. I have entered the ballot, I have also entered an Amstel team as well, which apparently is a better way of getting in. You just need 4 of you. Which shouldn't be difficult to get 3 others who want in. Especially as there is free beer at the end!
Good man, we did the Amstel last year. Best of luck with the ballot. Hope it’s dry this year :rolleyes:
Don't the recommend only weighing yourself once a week?
Ideally at the same time every week.
That's certainly one of the recommendations. I personally do it every day, but then being data crazy I plot it all on a graph :) On the down side you look and think '**** I've put on a pound' on the upside the graph gives you the trendline in the right direction. Reverse also true.

Also, if you've got fat sensor scales, the moisture on your feet will have an impact. I weigh after the shower.

Mrs C also weighs every morning, but that's doc's orders due to potential water retention.


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Afew years back, I weighed 91kg, and felt rubbish. I ate and drank what I wanted, like I was 20. Decided enough was enough, and started swimming, and just eating healthy, watching what I was eating, and cutting out beer/ales. Looking at the information on food packets, etc. Was swimming 4 times a week, and was doing atleast 1 5k run a week. The final step for me was doing the Forever Living C9. I was at 72kg when I started, but couldn't loose the belly fat, this did it. It was hard work, and you need to have strong will power to finish it. However, after id done it, (69kg), I felt great, and it changed my perspective on everything I put into my body, which keeps the fat off. That was 3 years ago now. Im at 70kg, and feel like I could do with going through it again as a reset, but I strongly suggest it to anyone wanting to get slimmer. Obviously exercise as well.

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I also fell off the wagon tonight. Cracking Thai in Soho (no jokes. Well, unless they're good ones). On the upside, I did vigorous rowing and 40 minutes of brisk walking yesterday. Today I walked 5 miles (60 minutes swiftly) and walked up 22 flights of stairs. Lifts are banned from my life and I only drink coffee from the machine on the top floor.

Following this exemplary achievement I then went for dinner. I guess it evens out. Lunch was at least a super healthy grain based vegetable thing from Tossed (same joke rule applies).
This is what I mean about portion size recommendations on boxes.

Nestle recommend 30g-45g for an adult male. Looks a little light to me. How is that going to fill you up?

This is 45g

This is 30g



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Sorry Ive been awol. After a hard week and weekend of dieting, 4 boxercise sessions and a weekend of hard manual labour, I got on the scales and had gone up 0.3kg and it ****** me off!

Looks like its in the bag Jon.
On the cereal front... When did you last have only one single portion mini-cereal box decanted into your bown when at a hotel? Exactly, we'd all put two boxes in.

I'm HapPea this morning - the weight is definitely starting to shift. 3-4 lbs have probably gone.