2019 weight loss and fitness accountability club

Just completed tonight’s booze-prevention exercise pleasure, which was a weights session...

6 mins on spin bike (2 min over 100rpm)

3* 10 reps of:
Shoulder Barbell press - standing
Barbell bicep curl
Barbell back squat (bar behind your head)
Bench press
Lat pull down seated
Cable triceps pushdown
Plank (60 secs)
Barbell bent over row
20 lunges - 10 each leg - (with dumbbells)
10 jump squats

I’m meant to also do deadlifts, but I can’t seem to get comfortable with them.
Well I have just done a repair campaign on 300 Vans which was remove both front wheels and remove both bottom ball joints.
To do this meant after using a puller levering down on the bottom arm with a long bar.
Unscrew the ball joint inspect clean loctite and refit reversing the removal procedure.
So in total I have 600 wheels off and back on over the last 3 weeks and feel as fit as.
Interestingly the alloys are heavier than the steels.
Everything torqued up so there was a lot of effort on the arms with ball joints at 270 NM and wheels 125 NM.
Having a rest for a few days.
It is. An old design not intended to be in an environment of easily available fat, sugar and salt....

Yes, and one that's expected to have a consistently active lifestyle in which daily life requires >4000 calories by working outdoors and constantly moving... without easily available fat, sugar and salt!


Centenary Club
11 days sober going into this weekend! I'll be weighing myself on Sunday morning to see what impact that has had.
My diet has been consciously monitored, basically just reducing quantities and not just eating for the sake of it or when I'm bored. Working hard this week has helped too, in as much as I've not had the time or opportunity to shovel junk into my face.


Centenary Club
Well done dan, I slipped a bit yesterday but had a meeting up in that London & managed to get away with just a single gin and a slimline tonic, trouble came when I got home ravenously hungry and had some bacon and mushroom with noodles...


Centenary Club
I'll be having a weigh in on the 17th, after 12 days offshore. No drink, eaten reasonably well but cut out the snacks and biscuits. Hopefully lost about 5lb. Then it will be moderate drink, sensible eating, and some form of exercise, and tweak to suit.
Ok - Weekly weigh in time...

Last Saturday I weighed 90.35kg, and today I’m at 88.65kg. This means I’ve lost 1.7kg this week.

It also means my body fat % has reduced from 29.2 to 27% and my BMI has reduced by 0.5 to 30.0 (which is still officially obese). These are both measured at 50% body water (so consistent hydration).

The scales also reckon that I’ve gained 0.8kg of muscle mass, I have decreased my body metabolic age (from 62 to 60!), and have reduced my Visceral fat score from 13.5 to 12.5 (below 12 is “healthy” apparently).

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with that.
This group motivation thing is good.

Well, mostly. Yesterday was not a triumph. I walked briskly for 68 minutes and a shade over 10k steps but that was about it. Today I shall attack the rowing machine with great vengeance and furious anger. It shall know my name is Crud when I lay my vengeance upon it, etc. I might also wave some free weights around.
Free weights eh....? I'm lumping stainless steel chain about in the garage, does that count? The big net done will be around 120kg!
I'm making another set of these...
I'd say that more than counts, Newton. Exercise is exercise. As my job mostly involves sitting on my ar5e (although I make an effort to walk everywhere rather than drive or take a tube or cab) I need to find other ways to make my body do some work.
Done C25K with Mrs C which racked up about 2.4 miles.
Having done 30 minutes on the cross trainer yesterday and much crawling around with tools to re-wire the LAN and levering myself in and out of the eaves this morning to finish (ha!) the job I'm suspecting my hip will make itself very much known later in the day.

Meant to be training with the other seniors of my class tonight, but feeling like **** anyway, so that may well go for a burton. We shall see.

Smite the machine with righteous anger, Crud. Newton the chains that bind are weighty indeed!