Quattroporte/QP 2009 Bose NIT Silverbox: Suspected HDD Failure


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Keano - that is exactly what we need to get my (and others') system working again. It would help me and any other 2009-2010 QP owner with Bose systems (there are at least 3 who have PMd me with the same problem).

Once I have a working original image I have the official upgrade CDs for System Update 1 and 2 and think I can update the maps and Gracenote database (to 2019) too but need to test at home on my own car before suggesting to others.

I have sent you a PM.
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Hello All, I have an 09 Bose NIT that just displays a blue screen (with a picture of a CD and a spanner on it...) I shall watch this closely and hopefully you'll be able to sort out a viable solution for all of us with problems with this system. Thank you!!


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Sorry to thread crash, but would one of those be good for copying the hd in my Sky box onto a new one?
If you want a lend let me know, we rarely use it. Standalone solution to dupe drives. No need to connect to a computer.