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Any Battery advise for 2006 QP sport GT (duo select)

Mine may be on the way out and labelled as FIAMM Maserati, so might even be the original
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Have orders the S5 as it is closer specification to the original I think.
And it is silver coloured. The silver S4 is actually blue, which somehow I found mildy disconcerting. ;)


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This is a great thread amazing what you can find out my previous Aston V8 vantage had a replacement air compressor for spare at previous service as a precaution that was £140 really ? I removed the Aston decal and found the chinese manufacturer so I googled it and exactly the same compressor through Amazon was £24.99 ( one expensive sticker )
Ironically I own a sign business and supply Aston Martin with decals lol
Just because Maserati Pads are £700 plus Vat does not make them 7 times better than Redstuff :)

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TPMS sensors as fitted to the 2005-10 QP V, GranSport & GT (see full list below).

This is the OEM sensor but without the Maserati/Ferrari branding. I bought one last year and fitted to my 07 QP Sport GT with no issues whatsoever, after a careless tyre fitter broke one. Absolutely not an aftermarket item/fake/copy and 100% compatible with the car. Each one comes with a new valve and seals, so no need to buy the valve service kit (the alloywheelsdirect photo doesn't show the valve).

Huf Beru RDE001

Buy with confidence from this German supplier - very helpful customer service :

At the time of writing they are £67.20 each plus £10 delivery inc VAT, so just over £280 delivered for 4.

Compatibility list from US vendor TPMS Direct:

2010 GranTurismo
2010 GranTurismo S Automatic
2010 Quattroporte
2010 Quattroporte Executive GT
2010 Quattroporte S
2010 Quattroporte Sport GT S
2009 GranTurismo
2009 GranTurismo S
2009 Quattroporte
2009 Quattroporte Executive GT
2009 Quattroporte S
2009 Quattroporte Sport GT S
2008 GranTurismo
2008 GranTurismo S
2008 Quattroporte
2008 Quattroporte Executive GT
2008 Quattroporte Sport GT
2008 Quattroporte Sport GT S
2007 Quattroporte
2007 Quattroporte Executive GT
2007 Quattroporte Sport GT
2006 Quattroporte
2005 GranSport
2005 GranSport Spyder
2005 Quattroporte

NB It doesn't matter if you move the sensors to a different corner because each wheel arch has its own aerial to tell the car which sensor it's talking to. So you just have the new sensor fitted and press the button to calibrate, as in the manual.
Iam looking at redstuff for my 2006 QP Sport GT.

Tried OEM (overheat) EBC yellowstuff (great, but dusty)

These number correct? Cannot locate ay previous orders and I am 40 miles from the old pads / packaging

Front DP31032C
Rear DP31395C

Or how about these:

EBC Redstuff Pad (DP31591C) - £100.60
EBC Yellowstuff Pad (DP41591R) - £104.52