The good morning thread

Morning, Forum. Working at home today - started at 7.30am with Australians, moved rapidly into some Indian chaos and will finish at 7pm with Mexicans. Coffee is my friend.

Still, the sun's out, the birds are singing and I've decided that spring is on its way. Vantage road tax is up on the 28th of this month; do I SORN the Vantage for March? Meant to do it in February but forgot. Seems unlikely, but a saved forty five quid is always welcomed.


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Morning allyou all seem very busy today, I have some admin to do first then a site meet near Euston Station and a meeting in St James’ later with eating at Davy’s Wine Bae which will be steak so the diet will suffer again!

Have fun all...
Morning, all. Early start, early commute, still strugglig to engage brain with the pressing matters of the day. Even the less pressing ones are causing a certain amount of discombobulation. Good luck!

PS - have ordered a new Draper 2 ton very low profile trolley jack. Along with my recently delivered Jackpoint Jackstands and a pair of hand (ahem) 'carved' hockey pucks to act as jack pads I'll finally be able to get the Vantage up in the air, wheels off, deep-cleaned, Autobahned and the car's underside cleaned and protected with ACF50. The weekend is looking bright!
I started my day with a belly laugh - turn the sound up so you can hear what is said at the end of the video - enjoy !

Edit - hope you can see the link (I can when I go to edit but not in normal view )

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