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In 1986 the boss of the company my then wife worked for chartered 2 Boeing 737s and flew the whole company to Sweden for a day trip , we landed at Volvo's private airport .

Coming back we were sat at the back of the plane , as we taxied onto the runway to the left there was about 50m of runway then a fence , to my surprise we turned so the plane was almost wheels in a field, I could see the fence behind us , I thought **** me does he need that 50m

There was no slow build up to speed, throttles at full power, the plane was shaking then a 3 word announcement

Immediate take off

He took his foot off the brake and it shot off down the runway

As we got airborne we flew over another fence which looked pretty close

I later found out the runway was right on the limit for a 737
JayKay is selling up quite a few. My mate sourced him the 850 CSI.

Loved the 850 CSI in its day. Manual as well which was rare. That E30 M3 brings back some great memories. ...same colour as the one I owned in 1996. So much fun. Enjoyed watching that.
good rally driver breen, heres mcrae in his 6r4, remember watching this in the day and what a lucky escape, "if in doubt, flat out" was his motto, gone too soon unfortunately

Love the look on Colin’s face as he pulls away again.

I really like Craig Breen he seems like a genuinely nice guy, never seems to throw a strop and is always really excited to be in the WRC, sometimes it almost as if he can’t quite believe he’s lucky enough to have got a works drive.