Reading error codes on an early 3200GT


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Hi all.

I am new to this thread. I have a 1999 3200GT and I am getting an error message. The previous owner very nicely gave me all the tools I require for trouble shooting these problems.

I have

the correct cables
an Interface Installation Manual
a FTDI installation guide
a UnidiagKWP2000_0_5_0_11 file
and a CDMv.2.12.28 WHQL certified file

Unfortunately I also have a small CD that is damaged. Some of the silver coating has flaked away. I am not sure what is on this disk but the when I run the UniDiag I get a message on my laptop saying 'System Error' and that it can't find the 'FTD2XX.dll was not found'. I am assuming this is part of the program that was on my small CD

Does anyone know what piece of software I am missing?

Thank you in advance.



redsonnylee (Tony) on this forum has the software. The damaged CD is software available from Scantool ( which is the USB to serial port drivers for the KKL interface. You can download the files from scantool site. Trust this helps.


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Sorry been busy this morning, I have the file versions 0_3_3_1 & 0_4_0_3, which I’ve been sending out for a few years now so know they work.

If you get stuck let me know & will send you a copy of both.