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It sure is a media circus here in the America! Personally I would not be surprised if Epstein's suicide was either "arranged" or that he was "allowed" to do it. He was the highest profile prisoner on the country. There were a lot of failed procedures and behaviors that had to align to allow this to happen, such as cameras pointed in the wrong location, sleeping guards, etc. We'll see what the Justice Department comes up with from their investigation.

As for the 911 buildings collapsing being planned, I do not believe that. There is some video showing that as one of the buildings was collapsing, there are successive small explosions visible just ahead of the collapsing rubble, but what it really is....is air blasting out of the windows as the floor above collapses down to the floor below.


The Matrix Churchill affair, complete with a trail of assassinations stretching from Brussels to Santiago, was the one that made me realise that conspiracy theories aren't always just theories.


Having worked for AIG when the towers came down, who were the primary insurers of the WTC, I was privy to the the reports written regarding how and why the towers came down.
At the time I, along with all others with access to the information had to sign a confidentiality agreement which I believe last for 50 years (bit excessive, especially as the normal CA's we signed were for 'up to ten years' but there you go), and trust me, there were no explosives in those towers.
Mis-management, poor maintenance, even badly built. But no explosives. No covert activity to fuel a conspiracy theory. Nothing.

Basically those flying the planes 'got lucky'. Obviously those who died were far from lucky.
So where do you think the NY FD got their info from? Seems misplaced given your knowledge.