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    Will Lotus ever build it?

    The expenses thing came later after Proton had already decided they could no longer afford the plan and fell out with Bahar. Their way of managing the cost of his departure.........
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    Will Lotus ever build it?

    Many criticize Bahar’s time at Lotus, unfairly in my view. He was recruited from Ferrari to create a competitor in Lotus, created a buzz around the brand (which some of the traditional Lotus buyers didn’t like), and oversaw the early development of a range of new models and then, sadly, Proton...
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    As bad as it looks?

    A good smart repairer will cover that bumper scuff permanently - and he/she should be able to match the paint perfectly. No need to remove the bumper. There was a slight mark on the bumper of my DB9 which the MD agreed to repair. I assumed full repaint, but MD insisted that a smart repair would...
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    Pic of the day

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    Different Car for me?

    I think, at the moment, everything with a large engine has further to drop, but I would expect these to fair better than most on the basis they were a special limited run last of the line DB9, with the NA engine running 540bhp and DBS exhaust. Could be the pick of the DB9s from an investment...
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    Different Car for me?

    Very nice. The final version GT DB9s are all priced high by the MDs, I guess as so few were made and they have the Vanquish centre stack and more power
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    Brexit Deal

    Oh I do love the thoughtful, educated, rational, unemotional and soundly economically and socially argued posts of MarkMas on this thread. Shame the responses tend to be the same old unproven and unreliable rhetoric and opinion from the remain side of the house usually stated as unarguable facts
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    A sad day

    That interior looks in incredible condition for a car that’s done 100k+ miles!
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    Brexit Deal

    Another waste of public time and money.......
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    Brexit Deal

    I’m not sure there will ever be a clear majority in the House or the Country for any of the options available to the UK, particularly once those in favor of Brexit are split between a no deal Brexit and any EU negotiated deal available, which now may not look significantly different to May’s...
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    Brexit Deal

    Even with a new PM, I can still see the political process ending in stalemate as there is no (nor likely to ever be a) majority in Parliament for a no deal Brexit. So no deal only happens if we get to October and the EU decides to bounce us out. The EU knows this too now because of the naive and...
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    Garage flooring options

    I have this stuff in my garage. It’s fine, but not terribly hard wearing - it scars quite easily and wet tyres tend to stain it
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    Make me see sense

    I moved from Maserati to a facelift DB9 about 6 months ago - basically a renamed Virage with a few further improvements. The V12 is magnificent, but a little quiet as standard. However, I had the AM GT upgrade done which takes power up to 550bhp and includes a sports exhaust. It now sounds...
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    That is lovely. Could live with the Mercedified interior in that colourway too. Although they don’t seem to know if it’s a V12 or V8...
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    Brexit Deal