The road to Le Mans 2018

D Walker

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After the email I came into this morning I seriously wish I was with the guys having a **** bacon sarnie instead of being here. Enjoy.


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Due to circumstances beyond my control I won't be going in my Maser either. I too am extremely upset at this turn of events but I won't go into them on here.


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Day 1:

An early but spirited meet up on top of the hill overlooking Portsmouth then a cruise down to the Port for the 9am.

Thankfully all made it on to the ferry so I could relax a bit. 3 hrs later we arrived in a rather gloomy Cherbourg.

Headed off to Saint Mere Eglise for a quick drink and a bite to eat then off to Bernay for the night one hotel.

Athol managed to smash his windscreen for the second Le Mans running and AdamN nearly modified his Aston into the back of Stevo’s GT but thankfully we all arrived safely.

Dinner for 30 then off to one of our favourite bars for shall we say a couple :)

All going brilliantly and the weather has improved.

Right, off to breakfast. Laters.


Mr S

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Leaving MK at 5am tomorrow, so should be at the campsite by mid/late afternoon, in my mates diesel Passat. Suppose the upside of not being able to take the Mas, is that fuel will be cheaper, and we can get more wine in. Still would rather be taking the Mas....

Hope you have a great weekend. I’m setting off @8am tomorrow morning and hopefully may bump (not literally) into some of you over the next few days...