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  • Afternoon Ben,
    Are tickets still available for this? wouldnt mind coming along
    Hi BennyD
    I was told to contact you with regards to purchasing a 'H' pipe for my manual facelift 4200. Can you help at all? I see you live in Nantwich which I visit quite often as my brother lives there. You may of seen him, he drives a silver Aston Martin Vantage. Come to think of it he has mentioned that he sees a Maserati around from time to time; maybe that's you!!


    Hi Ian

    I hope Ryans opps go well. Please send him my best wishes.

    I noticed yuo rcommets about Bruntingthorpe in August. ..... Is this a Sporting Bears type charity ride event? ...... I fancy this one, can you let us know the organisers details?


    Hi Ian, you going to the Amari Winter Check/open day this Saturday with Supercar Driver?? I might try and make this one.
    Hi Benny
    It would be great to meet up. I have quite a lot going on at the moment, but I'm sure we could sort something out before too long.
    I am on 07595 654858
    Any chance you can make it to the Brize Day I am organising this summer, see events !
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