The good morning thread

I kinda agree, there are so many dog owners where I live who obviously think dog ownership is for putting pictures on instagram and walks on sunny days when they can be bothered.
The rest of the time they leave them in the garden (in all weathers) when they go out for the day and wonder why they bark all fecking day.

Then there are others like my sister in law who go away every other weekend for 4-5 days, and leave her not insubstantial Basset (not Chris) with her mum and then say he's suffering for anxiety when she leaves him (funny that) so she has to take him everywhere when she is with him, which results in the dog being spoilt and the therefore becomes badly behaved!

Rant over.
I could add more about dog shite but had better not


Don't need to open the curtains (I have blinds), I can hear the rain.

Good morning everyone. Friday at last. A long drive and a pint or two at the end of it beckons tomorrow


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Good morning all, out and about today, rain may we’ll stop play for the pebble dashers who are supposed to be completing the back of the house.

Have fun all....


Good Morning all.
Moving around the World this time of the year has had its moments.
5 years ago going to New Zealand and last year here to France.
Time goes quickly so one life live i61004


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Good luck with that! But you have done it before with 1 and 2. An engine crane helps. I think we could make a better video than the manufacturers version on ours. But we have 4 lovely ramps all with certificates now

Ranp didn’t turn up so it’s due today. Yes we have done two and requires 3 people to manhandle it.

It’s not a pleasant job no.

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Morning, all. Weather shite, but happily I'm working from home. Off to the optician's later for a second opinion. I cannot believe that the glasses I've been road-testing for a month have been made up properly. The parts of them through which I can focus seem pretty random. Maybe if I could move my eyes like a chamaeleon they'd be spot on.

Have a good Friday, all of you. Though wet and windy it may be, may your spirits soar.


Good morning all......well rain stopped Dans football training last night so watched the secret life of pets 2 which was really good....I would imagine Alex's match will be cancelled this morning due to water logged pitch also....Here's hoping as stood in a wet field this morning will be no fun. Have a great weekend.


Morning everyone!
It's a bright morning here in Paris after 3 days of a pretty boring conference. I guess I shan't be watching a rugby match in a local bar this morning before my train home so I'll go and do some boring shopping in pretty places.
Last I thought I'd head up to the Sacré Cœur as it's a lovely view over the city. I hadn't realised that the streets up there would be full for the new grape harvest festival and what fun it was! I now have a grape harvest plastic pint cup similar to the le Mans ones.
HapPea Saturday!


Morning all,

Just heading down to Emblem to drop off my GS. Time to have its underbody scrubbed and waxoyl protected so I can continue to use it occasionally during the winter...

Hopefully, it should be a fun drive down there!