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A better day so far; fixed the computer, got 12 inspections done and just heard from son #1 he has got a new job offer todaywhich is pretty cool, he will be coordinating transition care for terminal kids to adults to stop them falling through the gaps in health care. It is the direction he was planning to go so he is well chuffed.
Cool job, transition into adulthood is often a big step for kids with issues and one that he care system often deals with badly


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Absolutely Andy; kids on kids wards, suddenly expected to cope with being pushed into stark cold adult wards in full view of the horrors they may encounter. This is with another Kent charity and I’m sure he’ll miss his autistic adults but he has no prospects where he is unfortunately and only makes minimum wage!


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The spyder is back on the road, Hurrah! The new pump works well and life is good again. Just waiting for some Goodridge hoses to arrive and then I’ll fit the big brakes I’ve just received from Peter (South). When I have, don’t follow too close (especially you Hodroyd, you silly old f*cker) or you’ll ram me up the chuff! Happy days.
As mentioned earlier in the week, I'm working tonight. Doing a configuration and annual maintenance on the electronic flight strip thingy...Would you believe that it still requires defragmentation! The DC is half way through and is taking hours...still it beats actually doing manual labour...

Good Mooring Everyone
Morning all.
Things getting serious here.
Negotiations still ongoing for buying a Renault 4 but fingers crossed.
Got my first job in the pipeline for Toyota so its all going to plan at the moment.
Got an interview today for setting myself up as self employed so exciting ;)

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Morning all, more post shut down drudgery for me. Having some interesting arguments about accountability and responsibility. Introduced a new sign off procedure and it seems people don't like the thought of signing off on their own work. Funny that, they don't mind being paid for it tho.
Have a good day.

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Sorry about the contents of your day, Andy, I hope it goes 'well'.

Off to town for some stuff and then our Christmas bash this afternoon. We're heading for some dive-bar in Soho.

Have a good day, all of you.
Morning all and after a busy day of finally securing the deal on my little Renault 4 we're off to Brittany for a French family birthday weekend.
Massive fuel shortages due to recent activities with many stations been closed for several days so will be eco driving the Jag for sure.
When we get back the R4 is full.
You have to love buying a car of older retired people ;)