Sports Maserati - Tuscan Tea Party


A little later than planned we are please to announce the follow up to the successful Viva Espana and Monaco or Bust tours - The Sports Maserati Tuscan Tea Party.

This year we are pushing the boat out and are arranging a tour of northern Italy for our little travelling party. This is going to include:

- Transport of our cars by truck to avoid the boring drive through France

- Factory tour of the Maserati Factory at Via Ciro Menotti

- Visit to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello

- A tour starting in Verona and taking in sections of the Mille Miglia route, taking in Modena, Maranello, Imola, Rimini, San Marino, Assisi, Rieti, Radicofani, San Gimignano, Lucca and finishing in Genoa.

- The usual sophisticated evenings in various hotel bars.

For the transportation we are forming a relationship with EM Rogers, based in Northampton and experts in the transport of high end cars in covered transport. They have £1,000,000 insurance cover and also have a bespoke storage facility. The cars will be loaded in Northampton and for those that prefer it we can arrange collection of the cars in the week before the trip to Northampton for loading.

The dates for the trip are:

3rd to 16th September - cars need to be dropped off in Northampton
17th of September - cars loaded in Northampton
19th - 20th September - flights to Verona Italy and assemble at the hotel - cars will be delivered on the 20th. - you will need to arrange your own flights
20th September PM - Factory Tour at Maserati
21st September - Depart Verona for Imola
22nd September - Depart Imola for Asissi - Including a section of the Mille Miglia route alongside the Adriatic
23rd September - Depart Asissi for Orvieto via Rieti
24th September - Depart Orvieto for Sienna via Radicofani and Montepulciano
25th September - Depart Sienna for Maranello
26th September - Depart Maranello for Arenzano - via tour of the Ferrari Museum - Cars will be loaded on the afternoon to the 26th in Azenzano
26th - 29th September - Stay at the Grand Hotel Arenzano including Gala Dinner and prize giving
30th September - Cars available for collection in Northampton

The expected cost is going to be around £1600 per person, £3200 for two people in a car.

There is space for 12 cars on the trip. As is customary, these have been offered to previous participants and the uptake has been good. We have one definite space available and will also be running a reserve list.

Once we have a full roster we will need an initial deposit of £1100 per car by the middle of July, which will secure the transport.

So - form a disorderly queue and lets get ready to party!





Confirmed list:

Matt + Zep
Stevo + 1
Crofty + Zahra
Blondie + Helen
IanU + Julia
Doodlebug + 1
Krishna + 1
Eb + 1
Doohickey + Helen
Dan + 1
Dave Walker + Diane
Mark (Tokyomb) + Lisa

Reserve list:
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Is it this year or next?

Too late in the year now to rearrange leave and cover for 2019... but next....?!?


Is it this year or next?

Too late in the year now to rearrange leave and cover for 2019... but next....?!?
It is this year. Next year there will probably be something too. It’s becoming a nasty habit!

D Walker

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For once all out moons align, wife off, I’ll either be off or “between jobs”, so it’s a go. Logistics of delivering/fetching car may be a pain but I can sort that.

Felonious Crud

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**** and cock and blast and bugger!

It looks superb but I'll have just started a new job the previous week. Feck!


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It'll be interesting to see how to work out the logistics of getting my car from Ireland to Northampton, then myself to Ireland the week after to then get back and to the airport and back again! But I'm up for the challenge