Pic of the year 2018


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Took my GTS out for an Italian tune up today after two months hibernation. We have great roads in Wales, but they are almost unusable when the gritters are out and the tractors add mud and thorns to the mix. It made me remember the best drive of 2018. From Luz St Saveur over the Col du Pourtalet into Spain for lunch in Biescas then back through the Tunnel de Somport and the Col du Aubisque. I reckon you MOBsters must have some favourite photos of 2018? Anyone else? F0CD02EB-B50F-480E-A77D-9CACB02A2DFB.jpeg
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I agree - I’m possibly biased - and many others have said the same, yet it generated so little interest when advertised earlier this year........
Do you still have it and still selling it?

I'm not necessarily looking for one but always on the lookout for anything that pops up that floats my boat!

Looking at getting an exec saloon or estate at some point so XJ, QP and the like are all contenders.