My not so new 2-seater Strad


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Hi everyone!
Long time lurker here with a bit of a rubbish posting history but looking to change that. More importantly though, I wanted to introduce myself and my beloved car. It's a 2-seater strad in Grey that I first fell in love with about 5 years ago when I saw it for sale at Manchester Maserati. I loved the carbon packs on it and the the 4-seater bonnet (don't worry I did my due diligence on this to make sure it hadn't been smashed into a wall haha. I stalked a previous owner via instagram and got in touch to understand why someone would spend so much modifying the look of this car.... I soon realised after seeing he had a N-largo F12 that it's his hobby and he actually still had the old bonnet in his garage years on!) . Anyway, long story but for various sensible financial reasons like houses getting in the way and then missing out when it was on the open market I finally got hold of it off market at the start of this summer from a lovely fellow car geek who I knew had it.

I picked it up with 16k miles on but due to the rubbish summer we have had in the North I've only managed to put 1000 miles on it since (shame on me I know!). Hope to change that next year. Before it's tucked up for the winter I got it out at the weekend to take advantage of the final bit of sun and took some pictures that I hadn't got around to yet. The car still gives me a buzz every time I get in it, from the pure noise to the lovely bucket seats and most importantly those 60ms shifts! I am thinking it's missing the harness though so may be a project for the future.

Anyway, hope to see some of you at some meets come the spring. I managed to get to a couple of Cars And Coffee this summer and also the Pistonheads Saturday Session at Oulton but was a wimp and didn't dare to take it on the track for obvious reasons!



Welcome. I remember seeing this one for sale last year. It looks fab!


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Thank you all for the kind words and after seeing that video, I’m now sorely tempted :oops:. Would love to have heard it from the pit wall as well whilst you were hurtling down the straight!
Already thinking of options of where to road trip it next year to get some more miles on it. I’ve always wanted to go to the historic Monaco GP so think that’s pencilled in.


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Welcome to Strad Club, the first rule of Stard Club...

It’s a lovely colour too and I will take you up on your offer of a meet,

“StradFest 2020”


The choice if a champion - well done!

I‘ve added you on the Strad Club list, which now totals 17 of us. (On the thread “MC Strad Purchase”).

As you say Matt, time to organise Stradfest 2020.


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Welcome & congratulations on your purchase, a real beauty. I am a little biased, but a lovely colour too!