Gransport Replacing Air conditioning compressor


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Replacing the air conditioning compressor took me under 5 hrs which did include breakfast.

Replacing the compressor does not require the removal of the exhaust manifold or the radiator fan assembly either.

This is what I did.

1. The day before, I got a mobile car air conditioning mechanic to remove the air con gas first.
But I did remove the plastic engine surround on the passenger side first. (in order to provide better access to the air con gas connections)


2. Remove the front grill, in order to access the Dehydrating Filter (Dryer)

3. Remove the air conditioning Dehydrating Filter (Dryer), It’s a bit fiddly getting to the bottom retaining Allen key screw. Note: there is a small amount of gas present when you disconnect the line.

4. Loosen the front wheel nuts, Jack up the front of the car and support on axles stands – remember to put a couple of blocks of wood at the rear wheels to prevent the car moving.

5. After removing the front wheels, then remove the under body panel.

6. Disconnect the battery via the isolation switch located in the boot. Do not skip doing this !!

7. You need to disconnect the power cable going to the starter motor, this may sound strange but it makes it a lot easier when you need to manoeuvre the manifold shield out.


8. Remove the manifold shield, there are 4 bolts (only 2 are showing in the pic below). It does come out!


9. Next, we need to remove the auxiliary belt sufficiently so it comes off the air conditioning compressor pulley. You can do this under the car. Get a 15mm spanner/socket over the bolt as shown in the picture, by pulling anti-clockwise (upwardwards) you are basically releasing the pressure from the “self adjusting” belt tension this will give sufficient slack to slide the belt off the air cond compressor pulley. My auxiliary belt was in good condition so I did not need to remove it completely.
(I actually took this picture after I completed everything - in order to show you)


10. Next, there is an Allen key screw which holds the 2 metal gas lines onto the air cond compressor. To get access, do this from the top of the car engine bay. You can just get an Allen key socket to it as it’s in a straight line. See the pictures showing the top view and bottom view.



11. Next, remove the 3 Allen key screws which secure the air cond compressor onto the engine. When you remove the top left Allen key screw there is a small spacer (about 1inch long) that will probably drop out, so do not loose it.

12. That completes the removal of the air conditioning compressor.

13. When fitting the new unit, ensure that the 2 metal gas line connection ends are nice and clean and you must put NEW gaskets onto the 2 gas line ends first. Now partially secure the new air cond compressor with the 3 Allen key screws (don’t forget the spacer piece). Now align the 2 metal gas lines onto the air cond compressor and secure with the Allen key screw and then tighten up the 3 Allen key screws.

14. Now again from under the car, attach the auxiliary belt over the pulley, following the same method as described earlier for removing the belt tension. Picture below is showing the new unit installed.

15. Now attach the manifold shield back on.

16. Connect the power cable back onto the starter motor, and you can switch the battery back on.

17. It’s now time to arrange for the mobile car air conditioning mechanic to install a new Dehydrating Filter (Dryer), re-gas / oil.

18. In case you are wondering why I am replaced it, the old one had a melt down driving over Sydney Harbour bridge.

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Mine ate itself in Italy... the clutch disintegrated inside the unit.

Was just a mess of wire and melted plastic.


Mine sheared off the splines on the shaft so pulley couldn't turn it. I can't believe how different the QPV is to change compared to the Gransport even though the engine is pretty much the same thing - I did all mine from underneath (except gas removal & refill obviously)


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Glad you liked the write up.
I have the air con man coming early next week to put in the new gas and install a new dryer. Hopefully it all goes well.