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I had a long chat with Tim on Sunday, basically Dan has walked out and got a job working on aircraft for flybe at Exeter airport, Has left Tim with a Major headache with no technician, Not sure what the future holds, but I don't think servicing will be part of it, very sad situation.
I've just spoke to Tim and seems Dan walked and now working with Planes ? seems a bit quick to change jobs - Dan if you read this I'm not sure what happened but good luck.. I would like to see you back working on these cars some time....

FTech the business is not over yet, Tim is going to see what he can do once he sorts out the current status... plan maybe to recruit or change the business - either way I'm gutted and wish Tim the very best of luck in whatever FTech becomes
Yeah, Tim told me the same thing, but we don't have Dan's account of what happened, so I guess we should be a bit cautious about what is the full story.
They normally exhibit at the Sherborne Castle "Classics and Supercars" event, but I noted their absence last Sunday - so not a good sign.


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Lets not write Ftech off just yet...sure there will be a period of uncertainty, but remember, they back onto Carrs Maserati main dealer and service centre so I am sure a new tech can be poached quite easily...good luck Tim.
Lets not write Ftech off just yet...sure there will be a period of uncertainty, but remember, they back onto Carrs Maserati main dealer and service centre so I am sure a new tech can be poached quite easily...good luck Tim.
sorry Matt I wasn't, Tim knows to contact me if he continues but I think FTech will be changing to something more close to Tim heart.....

Ftech Dan

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Hello all,
I am sorry that things have not gone as planned with FTech. I did not want to get into any form of argument but having read some of the comments on this forum, I feel that I owe it to you, as a loyal customer base to demystify some of the commentary around my departure from the company.

I founded FTech in 2014 and had a small customer base. My intention was always to expand the company and to provide more services. Tim came on board as a partner in 2015 having been able to set out plans for expansion, which included securing the premises and the becoming the company you all know. Tim’s role and focus were to be on the business side of matters including obtaining the work and to expand the business.

F-Tech to me was more than a day job. It was a life long dream of doing what I love on an independent basis. In short, having worked at some of the most prestige places such as HR Owen in London, Carrs Ferrari/Maserati and Porsche in Exeter, I knew that I could offer more to my customers and better rates and with better services. Like any dream, I worked extremely hard to make it a reality which included evenings and weekends (how my girlfriend has put up with it, I’m not quite sure!)
This has been largely because Tim is not an engineer and has a sole focus on the business. The business itself could only continue to work if there was a constant flow of business. Unfortunately, his side of the business has not materialised to the extent that I had to take a second job, as I could no longer afford to work at the very much reduced rate the business was paying me.

It was a decision that kept me awake at night, because I did not want to give up my dream. But unfortunately, I was forced to apply for work in March of this year. I think you can all appreciate there is only so long you can work for less than your value in order to keep your head above water
It was agreed that I would resign as a director but continue working in my days off as a contractor at FTech to keep servicing our customer base and pay the overheads. My decision to carry on in this way, when I could have left in March was to ensure that you, the customer needs were met. I’ve always had a commitment to that, and I have always valued your custom.

Tim and I have an agreement that at the end of the current tenancy I will buy the equipment and the customer base will continue.
Business relationships sometimes breakdown. That is the unfortunate nature of the world we live in. I am not going to get into a verbal war with a former business partner. I am sure that you can all work out from the above where the problems lie.
I did however, want to take the opportunity to thank you all for your business and support over the lifespan of FTech.
The future holds and exciting prospect. I am sourcing new premises and will be aiming to carry on building the company I started with, the company that dreamt about and the company I started to make a reality.

Ray Dalio, one of the worlds best businessmen once said that “pain, plus reflection will equal progress”. I am a believer in learning what I can from when things don’t go to plan and bouncing back even better than before. On this occasion , I will certainly be more careful about my investors and business partners going forward.
Thank you all for your kind words of support. I will see you in the near future when things get back to where they should be.

Thank you.


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Dan ,
As someone that I have been running a Maserati service dealership for 33 years the only advice I have to give, if you have a passion for this don't give up .

Look for a garage that you can buy don't rent so in the long term you will have something , a lot of people think there's a lot of money in running a Maserati Garage , well that's not the case as you have most probably realised .

Keep your dream going and make sure you don't allow this to affect your Sleep or your personal life .

Wish you all the best and if you ever need any help with I am only a phone call away .

Be positive and follow your dream .

I too don't think I have met you Dan unless at Carr's when my 360 came in January 14.
Hope it all comes right for you and keep us posted.
Great advice from Marios too.
Going through this myself right now, a split from a business partner is hard, especially when expectations were very different just 12 months ago. Trust doesn’t come easily, but it does give time to look at things from another angle and reinspire.
And it’s always easier second time around. Good luck!!
And one thing I am sure you have thought about, while Exeter is nice, and I have no idea what your personal circumstances are, consider moving to the Midlands where you will probably be closer to far more potential customers. This has been an issue for me being in the sticks.


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Thanks for being so frank and taking the time to set things out on the forum Dan, small businesses are so tough to keep going as it is champagne one week water the next. Your reputation is the greatest asset you have built amongst this community. And we will fold back when you are able to take on work once more.

The very best from us with your endeavours.


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Dan, I know what setting up a business is like and you have done well so far so don't let this beat you down and please continue the dream. I know for a fact that you offer very high levels of service and everyone whom has used you has nothing but praise.

Good luck for the future!