Brexit Deal


Back from Paris after meeting my son Andrew who had been in Europe training other employees of the firm he works for. A very enlightening conversation took place.
Andrew works for Premier Farnell (FTSE 250 company) in the accounts section. Farnell manufacture and sell electronic components world wide Mercedes, Toro Rosso, MClaren number in their customer base along with mainstream car manufacturers and aircraft people you may also have heard of Raspberry Pi. Farnell were recently taken over by Avnet a Nasdaq 500 company while Brexit was raging. Avnet are based in Phoenix and use aircraft to send their goods to customers. So we are not talking two bit companies here. Farnell figure highly in Avnet's annual figures due to the profitability achieved. In less than 2 years Avnet have set up and are now implementing systems to ensure their exports continue seamlessly to Europe during Brexit. One example is the leader of the team within Avnet has been given power for a pdf electronic signature to guarantee a contract is fulfilled. A new massive warehouse is almost complete on the outskirts of Leeds (head office UK) close to motorways airports etc. They are being proactive.
Their main competitor - Electro-components may be doing something similar. These are hard undeniable facts which to me shows that with a little ingenuity companies can prosper and it is not all doom and gloom as portrayed by some.
Farnell is a blast from the past, use to use them a lot for caps, resistors etc along with STC and RS, good to hear they are still doing well.


I remember them when they had their offices at Armley near the Prison.

Once got a bus down from Stanningley, chap got on 'Single to Armley, please' - Gulp.....

Phil the Brit

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