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  • Matt, I've put a thread; Does anyone have a..... in Maserati chat instead of the Jokes, humour and non Maserati section and I don't know how to move it. Can you move it from your end?

    Apologies and regards,

    Any chance mate we could ping off a xmas wish/card ex sportsmaserati to all of the sponsors , will bode well when trying to tap them up for some ad payments in the new year,

    regards loz
    Hi mate , hope this connection stays good for the auction , its been a bit squiffy and keeps cutting out , up at AP racing Coventry having the new brakes sorted , they seem to have gone to town , presented it all properly in a two box self explanatory kit form with real proper booklet instructions , hehhe cars in the workshop now having them fitted , on the way up i gotta CEL hope its just a Lambda everything else seems fine , but a battery reset hasn't deleted it

    regards loz
    hi,sorry to bother you,but loz suggested i contacted you,i am after contact details for belfast brake,as i wish to have them relign my 3200 handbrake shoes,many thanks Dean.
    Hi matt, i am working at the Ferrari specialist again, what was it you wanted me to ask the technician about regarding clutch?
    Had a pm from Safrane re the Le Touquet trip later in the year , wondered whether we would be up for sponsoring the event under the SP banner with decal decoration and one or two prizes for the Dinner Quiz , i said we would be up for that Im quite happy to put £50 for prizes , but if we could work out a deal for sportsmaserati decal package nothing to elaborate but tastefull im sure all the people going would buy it for £25- £30 or so what you reckon

    You done your packing yet, or you left that to the missus heheh

    regards loz

    regards loz
    Matt, do you have David Askews phone number........does he really mind us ringing him? Eurospares dont have the oiler cooler I need, nor a 2ndhand one, 10-14 days delivery!!!
    Will put a post on the main board for you to check your pms!

    Hi Dogleg,

    Thanks for the info regarding handbrake shoes.
    I'm very interessed in getting a set for my 3200 gt.
    Is it a problem to deliver it in France ?
    Can I send my pads after receiving the new one or do I have to send mine first ?
    Sorry for my bad english and regards from sunny Paris.
    i have sent you a message but not sure if you have received it, i saw that maserati was misspelt under the granturismo forum wanted to show it you
    Good news mate , just spoke to Nigelo for half an hour he's going to pm me his email addy and ive revealed he will be having a look and post as often as he can

    regards loz
    Ok ya ,as part of the new forums EVO think we ought to have a group power breakfast meeting at somestage say 7.00 with a brain storming session at 07.15 to re-configure some 22nd century Buzz words to evolve us more into the 20th century hehehe

    regards loz
    Hi mate , heheh Brians added another lengthy post trying to address our issues heheh , back tracking and asking for more feedback from members etc and also adding that he's going to get funds to those who have offered to represent the forum at shows etc hehe ,

    I know you have your work cut out over the next week or two , but was thinking about certain issues re dealers/indies at a glance so to speak, idea is to have a picture of a UK map of England with say red dots marking the indies blue dots making the dealers,

    That way newcommers can see at a glance what indie/dealer is nearest them click on the dot to take you to direct feedback on that relevant indie/dealer what do you think

    regards loz
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