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  • Miles
    sorry to leave this so late, but we cant make the christmas bash again this year. It does'nt look like I will be able to get home before christmas week. its nice to be busy, but we are up to our tits in it out here and there is no let up in sight. still doing 7 days at 12hrs. Ros is back out for her 2nd visit since I was last home. its tough at the bottom.

    hope you all have a good time.

    moorhall is fully booked for the 8th.
    the ramada. only a couple of miles from lascala, is holding 20 twin rooms for us , but will want payment asap.
    my question is...........do the guys book the rooms themselves under our block resevation or what ? how did we do it the last 2 times.
    they are emailing me and I will try to post the mail on the thread.

    Hi Emtee i'm a newbie on here, just bought a massa 3200 I picked it up on the 29th June and its in the garage already!! what have I let myself in for Lol. anyway the reason for the mail is to ask where you take yours for a service etc! since I live in Leicester and you are only a stone throw from me! many thanks Steve.
    Just back from Geoff's.

    Lots of activity around the Milesmobile!

    You must be excited to finally have the prospect of a drive again.

    As Kyle said -" I can't do anything for you tomorrow dave as Miles car is the priority!"

    (Your inbox is full so i have had to post here)

    Picked up my DSLR today Miles, really happy with it, just took a couple of snaps of the cat indoors and outside, the quality is really good. I couldn't get the 55-200mm EF-S lens included in the price, but i managed to get a 2GB Compact Flash included, all for £230 which i was happy with.
    As i bought the camera from an exchange shop, i dont have the instructions on paper, just on a CD however i am going to order this book later as i want to get to know the camera well

    cant wait to start shooting properly.

    Thanks for all the tips and advice you gave me.


    okay I will post it later won't be until the summer as it would have to be cancelled if it rains due to White floor in studio
    Miles, I have an idea for a day out thought I would run it by you before I posted it.
    There is a photo studio for hire in Bicester for £400 per day including lighting, spoke to them today and they say that we would only have time for about six cars in a day with the turnaround time which would come to about £65 each with us taking our own photos. http://www.micrographix.co.uk/photography_car_vehicle.php
    let me know what you think.
    I have become paronoid about losing my license........if you guys are travelling at 500mph I just wanted the address if I lag behind...........besides nothing will attract the law like all those supercars following eachother breaking the speed limit

    Thanx mate and see ya tomorrow


    Miles Hi

    Do you have the address for Karting nation together with postcode pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee????


    Hi Miles, (your inbox is full!)

    just to confirm my post on the Kock up thread.

    Fru and I will pull out of the Karting if you are still struggling for numbers?

    we're doing the Toy run anyway so if it looks like you're short we can just stay there or go on to the Brighton run instead as we're not doing the dinner.

    just let me know, it kind of makes sense, if we're not eating with you all then it would be better for someone who is going for the whole thing to be able to Kart..

    (plus i'd beat the lot of you anyway!)
    Hi Miles. You must be very popular at the moment as your PM inbox is full. I have a couple of messages to send you so will wait until you have cleared a few out. Cheers. Andy
    Hi Emtee,

    Love the avatar picture; I got to detail one of the Boomerangs for show back in 2002, what amazing cars. I suppose it contributed to my love of Maseratis... I'm still getting used to owning one at last - the smile just gets bigger every time I drive it!


    Part 1.

    Hi Dave, Just replied to your post about this. Gutted for you.

    Re the larini cats, they're far superior, though staggeringly expensive. I was caught between a rock and a hard place, and the Larini's were actually the cheaper option when you compare replacing both sides, which I think is the prudent course. If one is on it's way out, who's to say the other won't go in a couple of months. Speaking to David at Larini, he was scathing of the original design, and seeing it when Geoff took it off, I can only agree. It's just a **** piece of design. Oh and the OEM replacement has a 12 month warranty I believe, whereas the Larini's are lifetime.

    Limited message size so part 2 shortly.

    Cheers, Miles.
    Hi Miles

    Chatted with Geoff today about new cats and he reminded me that he fitted yours.

    Any difference in noise/performance or anything else from the Larinis?

    Will speak with GP first as I took out a warranty but not hopeful.

    Hope all is well.

    Should see you on the 12th in Rugby if everything is OK with my car.
    Fingers crossed.
    Hi Peter,

    I spent three days cycling across Scotland (Forth estuary to Clyde estuary and back again) a couple of weeks ago and so I know how difficult this will be. Please do pass on my support from one who knows just what this will entail. Actually it probably won't be your daughters legs that will hurt. It'll more likely be her back and shoulders, so plenty of Ralgex.

    With regards to you both,

    Miles (and Linda).
    Thank you so much for sponsoring Nancy, it was very generous of you. She has put herself up for a really gruelling 8 hours of spinning. I am a keen cyclelist but I can tell you that the most I could manage is maybe 30 minutes of spinning and even then I doubt I could walk for a week. I cannot imagine how she is going to feel after 8 hours. She is training three or four times a week and each session she does between 2 and 3 hours of spinning with her trainer.

    Your donation is so much appreciated and for that I am going to remove your one strike and even buy you dinner the next time we meet up.:tomato7: Once again thanx a million.


    Peter (Urbanmaser)
    Dave, You're a gent! Definitely! When is convenient to pop down? Have you got the new car? Love to see it? By the way did you see the Reventon at GP?

    Loudlink sale has fallen through so if you are still interested it is yours for £50 as advertised.
    I have had another £50 offer on the forum( so mums the word!) but as you are close you can have first dibs.

    Please let me know asap if still interested.



    Many thanks for the note.

    Been v. busy and away quite a bit lately so hardly been on the forum.

    Hope your bolts are shining brite!


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