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    Pic of the year 2018

    Alton Italian breakfast back in the Spring:
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    MC Stradale Larini H & Sports Cats

    Ill tell you after tomorrow as it will be its maiden voyage of mixed driving for her on the SM Xmas doo.
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    Granturismo 4.7 S

    Criminal but well done.
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    3.8L V8 on Quattroprote GTS vs 4.7L on Granturismo

    The 3.8 does sound descent but also you have to consider the drive. For me the 4.7 has character where as the 3.8TT will have a very linear drive. Power is not everything but it does help.
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    The good morning thread

    Its wet today and it will be wet tomorrow for the SM Xmas doo. Take care out there guys in your Masers!
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    SM Xmas Doo 2018

    Full itinerary on the WA thread, see you all bright and early tomorrow.
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    Mirafiori to be re-tooled. Levante sales not good

    Good to hear Dave/PR...keep the flag flying ;)
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    Mirafiori to be re-tooled. Levante sales not good

    As you have a Ghibli, I accept your response. Its difficult for us to put our feelings across without upsetting members who have these cars so don't take it personally, its more of a shot at Maserati, not its customers. I do however agree with you that they should have produced a Ghibli...
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    Differences between MC Stradale and MC Stradale Cetennial Edition

    I believe it was purely a styling exercise as you point out. I don't think there were any engineering differences between the standard model. Some extra carbon fibre and some expensive pearl paint jobs. Of course, with anything limited edition and Italian they generally become sort after and...
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    Brexit Deal

    Brexit to knockers....classic SM thread drift...I suppose both topics contain a lot of tits!
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    Missed it by that much

    Welcome. The GranCabs were a little unloved when they first came out but over the past year have Come into fashion and are now sort after and back on the cool wall. Never had one myself but you know I would especially as I do a lot of summer Euro trips. Mileage, service and condition are the...
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    No probs, Alex and Kip will take your place. Oh, btw, is boys only so we would have had to sack the wife off and dump her in Calais :)
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    o2 sucks

    Surely any of the networks could suffer this outage? Mind you I was with O2 10/15 years ago briefly. I would never, ever go back. Truely horrendous service back then.
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    Mirafiori to be re-tooled. Levante sales not good

    Indeed Bob. I think they put all their eggs in one basket and took a gamble and it hasn’t paid off. Would we all agree that Maserati is in a worse place today than it was 10 years ago? A successful 4200 and QP run with the GranTurismo just coming out. S and limited production models. Where...
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    Larini club sport rear boxes with valve

    Hence why I prefer the gutted OEM boxes over the Larini.