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Happy Christmas - we’re trying a 2004 “Super-second” from Pauillac with our ribeye beef. I’ve avoided opening it for a decade or so. Will be interesting to see if it’s 10x better than our usual organic tipples...
Should be pretty good!
Cracking a bottle of St Emillion premier cru 2014 that was a present last year, year. It's pretty damned good.
The Cointes Blanc De Jean will be lovely for those that prefer a white, and there's a Fezas should anyone require dessert wine :D

Being a mustang owner now I'm more used to buying beer in bottles rather than wine but last week while wandering round Costco a thimble full of red was offered so a bottle purchased for this afternoons festivities, it was £18 which was the most I've ever spent on one bottle.

It's la fiole du pape, chateauneuf du pape and it's very nice
I’ve just poured myself a nice aged single vineyard Manzanilla Pasada! Can’t quite believe I’ve become a sherry drinker, but am telling myself it’s okay because it’s Christmas...

Oh - and because it’s lovely and I don’t give a **** what others think!
but last week while wandering round Costco a thimble full of red was offered
That sounds like a result. Do enjoy the Rhone valley particularly the North. But …. have been somewhat suspicious of warehouse promos for several years.

Makro used to stock a very good dry cured smoked bacon. As good as any Ayrshire bacon I've had. A while ago though, post Booker take over, whilst wandering around the Hillington store (just around the corner from the ar*e-end of the pits of the world) they started to cook bacon. The aroma was wafting around the store and it was impossible to resist. If ever there was a cure for vegetarianism. Anyway, I digress, it was a new product being advertised, I kid you not, "now with added water". Holy Sh*t on this holiest of days. Sacrilege.

Whatever the good SM throng have indulged in today a hearty cheers, bottoms-up, down the hatch and good health for '19.
Well, both were fine. The Haig Club is passable, but as it was a present from a couple of my students so deserves respect.



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Happy to admit I know diddly squat about wine but I do like a nice Barolo with food, or a Rioja or Chianti if just downing glasses........not a fan of white though but will take a prosecco or champers if pushed, especially if a measure of brandy and a frozen strawberry (one of the five a day) is added ;)


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Buy most of our wine from The Wine Society (great value - worth the membership many times over), Tanners Wines (local old school family run wine merchant in Shrewsbury), Yapp Brothers (regional French), Roberson (good for American wines), Les Caves de Pyrene (great for organic/biodynamic/orange or otherwise interesting wine), and en primeur from the Australians (who make wine) in Burgundy (Mark Haisma, Jane Eyre (really) and Le Grappin - Andrew and Emma Nielsen)

Favourite label of recent times has to go to this, from LAS Vino in Australia (winemaker: Nic Peterkin):