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Great Mark and Tim; will you be flying solo or bringing somone (# for the start venue)
Might try to persuade MrsMarkMas, but she doesn't really see the point of these things. Also, I have to be in Telford that evening, so if it ends in North Cotswolds, it is sort-of on my way....
So we now have a date for our first West of England 2019 event.

April 7th we will be holding a tour around the NW cotswolds taking in the blossom trail.

Start is currently being arranged but it will have catering for a late breakfast and coffee followed by the tour and a stop at a nice pub for lunch then return.

We have four cars so far but please add yourself to the list and we will post further details soon.

1 Safrane +1
2 Annie + 1
3 Mark
4 Tim
5 Andy + Mrs Andy.


We went to a couple of these last year - but it always rained(!!), so that thwarted any desire to have a run out, even so they were good fun and the bacon butties can be recommended. Forecast looks reasonable this Sunday but we're away on a Maserati club run in the south downs - anyone here attending that?



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I'm going to propose this as a standing thread for initial information about any events happening in the West of England or South Wales. People who are interested in that sort of thing can 'watch' this thread and see new announcements about things that are happening.

Someone can then start a separate thread for any particular event which seems to have caught lots of people's interest.

I suggest that the map below is the rough boundary of this topic.

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Italian Pasioin for Speed is on the 30th May Cardiff Bay details can be found on the events page.