i had similar issue, sounds like a bag of spanners on startup for a few seconds then its ok, this (for me) was caused by the accumulator, replaced this and no longer getting the issue. i did also replace the soldnoids but this was because i had oil in the connect plug and ruff running over 70.

the accumulator is located under the air intake manifold.


Labour was less than 1K back in 2015 but that may have been a trade price as it was a warranty repair.

May not be relevant but i do recall they struggled to get parts from Maserati in a timely manner so went for Ferrari parts for the Solenoid or Oil Pressure Valve - cannot remember which or if it was both, I guess they are exactly the same but cannot confirm


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Gotcha - just looking for the valves as going to do mine

Sorry for the bump!
Hi T400BLE - if you are in the Western Greater London area I recommend you contact Dale from Prestige Autoworks - he's on this forum and does the valve fix frequently.


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Ok Been having a read of this thread and on the web in general on this issue.

The rattle on start-up is caused by the engine oil draining out of the Variator.

Why does the oil drain out the Variator? see Post 57 above by Phil.

To be fair its most likely to be the solenoids at fault causing the problem. (Oil Solenoids)

Which makes sense, the oil leaks out from the variator through the Oil solenoid control valve when the engine is stopped, worn internal sealing probably, and one or two threads comment on oil leaking out the top on the Oil solenoid valve indicating internal leakage.

The loss of oil internally in the Variator, over the long term, will cause machanical damage, and likely damage the locking pin. Mechanical noise is bad? If not designed to take it. Which the variator is not.

The NRV valve fitted to the cam cover modification, is a back up to the loss of oil through leakage from the Oil solenoids. This is my understand.

Since the cars left the factory without oil draining back from the Variator, and the oil is fed from the Cam bearing supply through the oil solenoid to position the Variator in the correct position for the rev range, power etc. The Oil solenoid would appear to be the likely suspect.

Has any one just changed the oil solenods