The good morning thread


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Morning all, a few bits to round up in the garden from what I can see. A day on accounts again.

other news have sub-let half a unit nearby for the more valuable bits and somewhere to work in the dry.

Have fun all...

Sam McGoo

Morning all.

Good morning everyone, blew a hoolie last night. Hope no one's property was damaged overnight, there was lots of creaking and knocking here.
I've not looked outside yet this morning, but last night the wind did manage to pick up a triple ladder from the roof of my shed and land it on the drive way! Luckily the cars were tucked away safe.

Today, I'll be mostly picking up a new (to me) car. But more on that later.


Morning everyone!
I'm pleased the 30mph+ with 50mph+ gusts was not a headwind for most of my ride home yesterday. There was one side-swipe gust that nearly threw me off!
Off to Coventry today after a short spell in the office.
HapPea Wednesday!

P.S. Today just got a whole load better now I have Peter Gabriel's "So" album blasting. Forgot how good this sounds.
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