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Son No.3 has just returned home from week 4 hospital appointment for a major wrist break in a removable wrist brace instead of the fibreglass cast; oh boy is he a happy soul :D half an hour in the shower so far removing the crusty skin and rugby dirt that was still on it!!!

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Still struggling with being woken up by an alarm clock. Bad-mannered bloody contraption.

Mostly I will be hanging around Holborn today. And then I'll blow town and head for the countryside, not too late.

Morning, all.
Morning all after a night on the lash at the end of a good job done feeling tired.
Glad its going to be a taxi, plane, two trains and Ms French picking me up :)
What a good morning treat! Spotted this beauty near Cromwell hospital London while on my way to pickup a customer’s 456GT. Belong to anyone here??? Love the colour ALOT!, congrats to who ever owns this diamond!


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Hello everyone!
WFH today so enjoy watching the birds in the garden, having some peace and quiet (for lots of web meetings), bouncing on my exercise ball as an office seat and drinking tea.
Yesterday's ride home was quite an effort... I did a load of shopping and carried that and my laptop home on the panniers. It was 14kg of extra weight!
HapPea Thursday!


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Morning all a productive start to the day.
Quick run to the tip to get ride of the last of the rubbish that the bin men hadn't taken as our recycling bin was overflowing.
Made two good keys from 3 average/poor brand new Jaguar keys.

Logged into the 'puter whilst doing so and the whole thing crashed. Not sure why, it's doing some kind of diagnostics whilst I type, but that has been going on for the last 45 minutes.

Next I shall order some new Oakleys as Alex kindly dumped her heavy bag on a pair which subsequently snapped the arm off! Joy!

At some point I will do some work. Although the signs aren't great!
Good morning all.....annual stock take today. Other than that it's Friday so hurray.

Rare Astom Martin at Dick Lovett Bristol.....and not one. They have 4 Zagato shooting breaks. 99 to be built world wide. Your dog would certainly travel in style.