Pic of the day


Who remembers CB Radio ?
Had one in my Mk Ford Capri 2.0 GT and we had a few laughs/windups with it for sure :)
I had one 79-80 , there were a few of us , one guy was paranoid about the DTI , he’d read they were cracking down on AM users due to interference with emergency services radio so operated like an SOE agent , short conversations when in town , for longer chats he moved out of town

his favourite spot was a country lane about a mile long , one guy kept him chatting while a couple of others fixed an old blue disco light to the top of their car

he was chatting away then spotted the blue light in the distance heading towards him

**** **** they’re coming , then silence , nothing from him for the rest of the night

next morning they found out why , he genuinely thought this was it , they were coming , so he ripped all the CB equipment out of the car and threw it out of the window into a ditch