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When I were a lad In the early 1970s I used to pass through a village in Leicestershire with my dad every saturday morning, in the front garden of a terraced house on the main road was a Jensen interceptor, parked nose in.

Every week in the same spot , this was at the height of the fuel crisis when a lot of big engined cars got taken off the road , in 5 years it never moved gradually getting dirtier

About 10 years ago I got diverted off the A14 through the same village , gobsmacked to see it was still there ,under a tarpaulin but that back window stood out. A couple of years ago the owner must've died and it came up for sale , or what was left of it did

Looked like it snapped in half when they pulled it out , apparently the owner had had numerous knocks on the door but wanted stupid money for it as it was an early mk1 so it rotted away instead

I wonder how much of it had blown away on its final journey , just 4 wheels and a drive train when he got off the motorway , there's no way I'd have transported that on an open truck
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A case for the old ‘Nothing a bit of T-cut wouldn’t sort out’