Just bonkers


Just caught up with this thread! Indeed bonkers. Is not life hard and complex enough without introducing more complexity?

I'm very much for trying to make things simpler/eaiser and try to do this in my day to day work which is a challenge in such a technical world. Not harder and more complex.

I'm both open minded and quite traditional in many views. I guess like many I like history and tradition but the future is unknown and we need to learn from history/tradition but not use it as a rule or boundary to shape our future.

I don't see the need to add complexity to this. I have no issues with disabled and parent/child parking as long as that who is parking there.

Why do we need more? With my open mind I have no issue with there being a third toilet created (4th if you include disabled toilets) and call it anything you want other than male/female. All the confused or clear minded but not male/female can go in there.

I don't have to go in there and don't feel awkward when a gender indifferent human being walks in.

I have no issues with vegans, vegetarians or anything but don't force your views and ideals on anyone or everyone else. I see the point of much meat eating being less sustainable now for the planet and will support that. Either we make it more sustainable or it will die out or adjust our eating a smidge.

I like good food like most and some blind taste tests can be quite revealing and enlightening. Especially eating some food stuffs that often get discarded and wasted just because we don't like the look or idea of them.

I'm all for being open minded but there has to be an idea of sense and justification. How can someone justify spending money on this when there are clearly higher priorities with a greater gain with using that cash.

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The Game Larder in Chessington used to sell squirrel and a variety of other traditional / not-very-traditional meets (depending on how far back you care to think). That was maybe 20 years ago when I lived around them there parts. Not sure if it's still there. The game larder, that is. I assume Chessington is still there.


I know they're classed as rodents but I find them strangely nice looking animals:confused:, got one that regularly skips across the patio, might invite over for some lasagne;)


But the Arabs love their horses and no doubt this post offended one of them just before it was about to go for a race.

Poor horse being compared to a second wife.


some years ago we took the kids to disneyworld in Florida , there was a cable car ride that gave great views of the park , a few years later we went again , the embarking station was a stroller park, all gone, dismantled , I asked a member of staff why it'd been removed expecting a safety problem

The answer , we removed it because we couldn't make it wheelchair accessible, so because somebody in a wheelchair couldn't get on it nobody can.

This has now spread to every corner, get mugged, cops might come out if they're not too busy , say somebody said some nasty words to you and they'll get the helicopter up to hunt them down.