GTS engine catastrophe


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Another GT/QP, factory stickers left on the solinoid valves.

When you next have your cam covers done ask for them to be removed:



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I'm guessing that this can't be just a Maserati thing though, there must be other manufacturers who do the same. Definitely something to be looking out for though


Agree about the age thing, which kept me sane in another incident. My 3200 was household third car and we only had parking for two on the drive, side by side. My freshly polished and serviced 3200 AC was parked two car lengths behind Mrs rs48635 truck - a Jeep Patriot. Got a tearful call at work one day. My wife reversed with gusto not looking behind. Hit NSF corner of the 3200 shifting it several feet back into the road.
Nobody more surprised than me as the words rolled off my tongue, "nobody hurt, it's just a car that can be fixed".
took 6 months and sh!t loads of aggro , but fixed it is.
My wife reversed into the side of my DB7 just after I had done a deal to sell it !!
Like you, the best of me came out and I said don’t worry it’s just a car, it can be fixed..........


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Very sorry to hear.
However lockdown also seemed to ruin my QP 2005. A huge variety of engine fault errors - that finally resulted in a diagnosis of low compression in one cylinder. Just one though?
She barely made it up the ramp onto the BMS Salvage truck. A sorry sight indeed. Kinda broke my heart to see that beast barely crawl along.
78,000 miles - got £3000 for scrap.

Neither HR Owen (attempting the diagnosis - but how many costly attempts to get to the bottom of it?) - nor Nareman at Nuvola had ever seen an F136 engine fail like that.

I'll try to share the full story - at the moment trying to get some refund from HR Owen for charging me for work and parts - across multiple attempts that did not resolve the issues.
(£1000 for fuel injector rails?)
Why can't they just diagnose the issue accurately first go?

I am sure I've been remarkably unlucky. However I will steer clear of Masers until my pockets are much deeper.

Kia e-Niro for now and a BMW 530d in a few months.

To get back into V8 land - will probably be an XK-R.


this thread has been like a thriller, reading through looking to see what happens. update for a while?
hope Matt and the gang got the Mas back on the road and wasn't too many limbs.


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To date we have only seen one engine failure that was not caused by misuse/water and this was down to the variator solinoid stickers washing off and blocking an oil gallery (as pictured previously in this thread)

So, the 4.2 and 4.7 dry and wet sump engines are extremely durable.

You could even argue that the stickers were also not the fault of the engine.

We see regularly these cars now well up over 100k miles and still running sweetly and have yet to see a worn out example.

Get the stickers removed, don’t let anyone use sealant when doing cam overs etc and keep the oil and filter fresh and I don’t believe anyone will be replacing a tired engine.