Her indoors wants to treat me to a birthday pressy that we can both enjoy:eek::rolleyes:

I was looking around at VW California's, lovely bits of kit but at nearly 50k and you don't get any cooking/fridge stuff, just a fold down bed

What do you recon guys and no taking the p*ss please, I don't want anything too big either!



Have a look at Venture Caravans. They do VW camper conversions on T5 and T6 vans. You can have all of the things missing from the California.


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I’m working on recommissioning my lad’s VW T2 Devon Bay Window this weekend (at last!), need to wake it up after four years languishing in the north of the country.


It has a cooker, sink and plumbed water but not a whole lot else at the moment. Don’t think you would want to put up more than two of you in it as it is a little cramped for me.
You'd be better off buying a good van and getting to converted to exactly what you want in it
or 40k
Plenty of folk doing this. The forum community is strong with advice and build threads. Buy a California and you are paying for the name, for corporate licence agreements, and a whole lot of weight to drag your petrol consumption up, and your road progress down..!
Secret is knowing what you want a conversion to do for you..
You can do better than "one size fits all" with research and effort IMO....!
I was considering buying a Leyland Atlantean single decker and converting it, went down to Bolton bus depot and the guys there showed me round the engine etc, put me right off.


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You can both enjoy your 3200 and a lot of very nice hotels!!

My Mum and her partner went through the lot over the last 12 years.
Smaller camper, massive camper towing a small car, caravan, larger camper, caravan, larger camper, now a static caravan.
They could never make their mind up!!


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Unless your planning to move daily I don't get big campers, you have to pack everything up and they are too big to get in all the little hideaways. If you stick a small car on a towbar then you are just doing caravanning in reverse. A caravan is a shed load cheaper than a camper so unless you use you camper everyday it cost less and is much more useable.

Small light campers like a T5 I get, everything packaged small and light for travelling
Went I went to USA for my first and only time in 2003 I saw TV ads for huge motorhomes that towed mini-cars behind, $300 a mo on lease.

Pipe-dreamed about it but for the fact I hated it there and all USA stood for! Still, heard the crickets at night, smelt a skunk (twice) and used my cricket skills to totally dominate a baseball game we had with the locals till my arms got tired after my like 40th home run...

Day I landed Johnny Cash died but that was nothing to do with me.
Don't Do It Dave.
Stay in nice hotels or Boutique B & B and travel in a nice car far better and you don't annoy other road users.
You will be wearing Lycra next and riding a bike ;)

My wife and I and the inlaws have tried all different variations as mentioned above. Buy a nice car and stay in lovey hotels and it’ll be far cheaper. When it’s fesivals etc, get a cab! We are at Carfest all weekend, getting £25 cab home every night, a camping pitch is £200 alone.
There are a few places that rent campers out , if you go outside the school holidays it can be quite reasonable, try before you buy , you might hate it

I've been on one caravan holiday, in 1985, towed it all the way to the south coast , set it up then got told by my girlfriend there'd be no sex as people would see it rocking about , never went again, hotels from then on :D