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I agree, I had terrible problems with Gazella Racing when I ordered an exhaust from them. 18 months after I had paid them I still hadn’t received anything, on the very few occasions they answered the phone I got a load of excuses. I eventually ordered the exhaust directly from the manufacturer and received it within 10 days. Gazella had to be threatened with legal action before they refunded me.
Same here, will never be using their Services again...

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To spare headaches stay away from KJB Parts, Koen Bart.

I found some parts on his site, went into fast email communication, he assured the parts are available so I have wired the amount. This happened in the beginning of February, over a single day. Since then he completely disappeared. Sent him countless emails, no answers; called him, he always promised to send over the package number, "in a few hours", "in ten minutes". Even talked to him yesterday that I still don't have any info, he promised an email again. Of course no email, called him again today, and he just hung up on me after introducing myself.

I guess I can say goodbye for my money, and for the weeks while waiting patiently for the parts and not being able to continue work on the car. Could have already searched somewhere else. :mad:
good informations


What is good is that is you google KJB Parts tye very first listing after the pay per click advert and Google My Business listing is this thread !