Another Life Adventure


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Embracing the culture Phil...

No doubt Benny will be along shortly to point out his views on the world! (well the French parts of it mainly)
That's exactly what I'm trying to do here and to be honest they the people and the system here are helping me amazingly.
Would you believe another Country I'm welcome because of my Trade as Mechanic.
My self employment status is live from January and I have had two projects put my way for Toyota one here in Valenciennes and the other in Bruges.
I feel I'm on a roll.
I hope Benny won't get to upset when he sees my French motor ;)


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Slowly settling into the French way.
Now to start the hunt for some R5 Gordini bits and pieces to make her a bit of Fun.
Glad I shipped my engine crane now in the container.
R5 Gordini, now you are taking! :cool:

Ironically I saw a R4 in a baby blue colour this morning. Was getting blown all over the place in the wind!
I think they must lean almost as much as a 2CV when going round a bend! :D:D:D


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My dad had an R4 (and an R6) - have very fond memories of being chucked about in the back and having to stop to throw up :)
For me having driven both the 4 doesn't lean as much as a 2 CV and has a little more power lots more actually 4CV instead of 2.