"Alfieri?" news. Production confirmed

Looks like Geneva next year for the "launch" with spy shots before then. It will be interesting to see what starts to appear one they've got the tooling in place.

Time to start saving.
Thats a good point, Geneva next year.. So realistically looking at that timescale I would expect another 2 years yet before we see them over here.

Hmm, at 88k miles on the Ghibli now some decisions to be made...
I like the sound of all that! full electric would make a nice toy, whist GT duties managed with electric and ICE working together.
ohh... just saw that they will be using Ferrari powertrains for the hybrid/electric cars... that will be interesting, there is less mechanical differentiation compared to sharing petrol engines. That should catapult Maserati right up there in the stats race.

but a new SUV, below the Levante? wouldn't that just be a badge engineered Stelvio?? (not that thats a bad car, in tis cloverleaf guise)
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It sounds to me like positive PR spin after the unions in Modena have applied pressure to the company. They will be wanting to know what fate is in store for the staff seeing as the factory isn't making much and the Alfa 4c is also in demise so they're not making that either. FCA has reassured the union (something you must do in Italy) and stated again that it's got a plan. I believe it may well be on the right track now to producing something new and interesting in the coming couple of years. It's a shame they can't eject the FCA mentality entirely and focus on low volume, awesomeness but that's the way these days I suppose.

Time will tell.
The information from last years briefing was multiple power plant options including full electric, but there would be petrol (V6/V8) + electric as a hybrid as well. That would be my choice.


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Electric is coming, but we’re still a long long way away from full switch yet. I just think Maserati, history, reputation. Have a hybrid yeah, but at this point in life you still need a full fat V whatever.

Electric for the masses, and by that i include myself. But will this brand in its current condition with a small model base, really make a killing from a very expensive full electric sports car. Maybe they will, time will tell.

But my god, I what a loss to Maserati. Despite the age of the GT and it’s drawn out affair, it was a **** of a success for them.