Alfa 33 Rebuild


Minimal progress recently, some extensive detective work has revealed that this guy had done something very stupid on a personal/family level which led to the closure of the business. The guy has now conveniently disappeared off the face of the earth.

The 33 will be going into long term storage in October and unless something revelationary happens, I imagine it will remain there for several years. Having already lost around £25000 on failed restorations it’s very difficult to justify spending another £15000 or so to put it right, particularly as I now have a deep mistrust of bodyshops. The car has great sentimental value so i’d like to think work will resume one day but there may come a time where I just have to draw a line...
well you deserve a frickin medal with all the sh1t you've gone through and not losing your rag with those bast4ds, hope you do get it finished one day


thanks for the kind comments and sympathy, as I said I'd like to think that work will resume one day but it may not be for some time, new ventures mean that I am fairly cash poor at the moment. There are 2 ways to look at the situation I suppose, I can either consider that if I don't finish the project I will have wasted all the time and money I have spent so far, or I could just think that its time to cut my losses and move on. At the moment I am alternating between the two options, the saving grace for the car is that the demand for parts is fairly low due to the small number of survivors and as a result I'd be unlikely to get much money back if I decided to break the car for parts.

I'm still optimistic and have been accumulating parts so that everything is ready to go should the situation change, I've managed to source 2 new old stock doors to replace those ruined by the bodyshop and now have most of the replacement parts I need. I am also working on a few additional upgrades and have bought a Quaife LSD, there are also some further engine upgrades and additional electronics in the pipeline.