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  • Spike,

    Will try and get down to Brize but my son will be in and out of hospital for the first half the year so it will be down to how he is doing at the time. Unfortunately, it may well be a late call, but if I can, I will. Hopefully, I will see you there.

    Hi Spike,

    Forgot to tell:

    Your throttlePEDALpotentiometer(PP) could cause the same trouble, Emblem will be able to tell.
    Did you read my topic about this often forgotten item?
    Maybe you suspect your TB while it is fine and is your PP causing all that trouble!
    Good luck and kind regards,

    Hi Spike
    have dun a bit with the RAF think thay drove the C130 i was pushed out off once or twice BUT no love it
    Good bunch Green on

    if the 62 in spike 62 is your birth year ?? we might have mett ??????????? If you wer crew in c130
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