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    Can I have some details please where I can get an upgrade of my throttle unit.


    Hi Luuk,
    could you forward me your details via e-mail please, as we have a throttle body which requires attention.
    Our e-mail is -
    Many thanks, and hope to hear back soon.
    Hi Luuk,

    Just a quick note to see how you are progressing with the contactless pedal pot.

    So far your TB has performed flawlessly and I no longer get limp mode. I am still getting a check engine light and some rough idle which I think may be the throttle pot as it seems to happen at specific pedal positions.

    I kow you have got the prototype running on an automatic car and I was hoping to do the same on mine which is also an auto box.

    Please let me know if you have the pedal pot available.


    Hi i have checked the forum and you seem to be the closest member to me. Do you manage to get to any of the meeting as they all seem to be way down south?? I think your car must be around the same age as mine as we have the same rear lights, i like the grille/mesh you have on your rear bumper, did you do yourself or did it come as a kit. Have you been on Pistonheads? They are having a meet at Malton on 17th Oct and all cars are welcome. Have you seen it or been to any of the meetings, (sorry for all the questions) Ed.
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