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    Ghibli II winter works

    The roughness should be an easy fix. Even a nice big, new and flat oilstone worked back and forth manually should solve that. Good luck anyway, you have admirable courage and drive for your project!
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    Alfieri update

    they are doing quite a good job (on dumb 'ol me, at least) of building the hype..
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    Alfieri update

    MC20 !?
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    Stradale CCB pads: Brembo part numbers?

    At least they made those of brass. Steel and you'd be buying some rather expensive disks. I guess I'll just order a set from Eurospares, at least that way when I pop mine off (I'll be diying) I'll have them handy.
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    Stradale CCB pads: Brembo part numbers?

    Thanks Stuart. Do you happen to have a picture that shows the thickness of your worn pads?
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    Stradale CCB pads: Brembo part numbers?

    Unfortunately my pads are getting a little too thin. What is minimum thickness, and had anyone spied a Brembo part number that may be cheaper than the Maserati package?
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    Alfieri update

    The alfa 4c is too small if you ask me. Hoping for something between that and a GT. Oh, and a non turbo v8 please..
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    Mine won't either, to be honest!
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    I've driven a few Gallardos, they drive very old compared to the strad... And that gearshift.. engine and box feels like it's about to depart from the car on each change. Never driven a manual though, they'd be where I image the fun is.
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    .....None of them would sound like a Stradale though...
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    360 story and engine rebuild

    No one can resist the blip!
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    DS vs ZF weight distribution

    I've never seen under the back of a non-transaxel GT car. Whats under there? A Diff hung from some point on the chassis with a torque tube heading in, and CV jointed drive shafts coming out left and right? Might there be some weight saving with the transaxel car?
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    MC Trofeo Cake

    Great cake and wonderful age: smart enough to know what to do, young enough to still enjoy it, and a little money to do it with as well! Happy birthday!
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    Best way to drive DS/CC from cold

    I think a slow uptake is far more damaging than booting it. I've done very little slow traffic, and lots of hard driving, 90% in race mode, track days too. So far my clutch wear is about 1% per 1000 kms