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    I'm very sorry to hear of the passing of this well loved forum member. My condolences to his family and friends.
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    Granturismo project for £7,000 ono

    I'd love to buy a smashed up mc shift real cheap and turn it in to a track monster. There is a great thread on the other Maserati forum of a chap who did same. Ended up with a lovely toy.
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    The Levante is ....

    you lot are just mean! to the OP, of course it's going to feel wallowing after a GT :) They are lovely looking, IMHO, have great presence, and a special brand, still. And, the trofeo is just insane to drive. I'll happily buy one post apocalypse. Assuming I still have a business left. Edit: for...
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    Alfieri update

    Not really!
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    Alfieri update

    We can forget a n/a V8 my spies tell me
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    Alfieri update

    Agree. Sounds horrible. Let's hope they have cloaked the true sound as well as they have the bodywork
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    Anyone on here got a Velar?

    Test drive a X3. They are an incredibly sporty drive for something that can drive up to a ski resort in deep snow.
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    Alfieri update

    Nice looking. Maybe fake shots?
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    Finally I have my first maserati!!!

    congratulations! pictures are obligatory.
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    Ghibli II winter works

    I have done that before, but the results are not that good as the emery cloth creases up and the corners round off a little. I guess you should practice first with different techniques on an old casting.
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    Frank Sinatras Ghibli

    What a lovely looking car. Nice video too.
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    Ghibli II winter works

    The roughness should be an easy fix. Even a nice big, new and flat oilstone worked back and forth manually should solve that. Good luck anyway, you have admirable courage and drive for your project!
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    Alfieri update

    they are doing quite a good job (on dumb 'ol me, at least) of building the hype..
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    Alfieri update

    MC20 !?