What would you do? (wheely challenging brain bender)


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Technically more of a general maintenance question - but I've noticed that M138 owners past and present epitomise 'peak intellect' of the human species - so best I put this here.

In the proverbial nutshell.... my GS is at a country location (safe and secure) but a considerable way from me. Not a quick sprint. The person who has custody of the vehicle has sent me a photo showing the RHS rear tyre basically empty - 3PSI I believe. Tyre may or may not be damaged. Even if not - air may or may not be able to get pumped in.

He has tried pumping the tyre with a cheap (weak) 12V unit, but to no avail. Could not get it past 4PSI. I am not sure if it is his pack or the tyre that is at issue here. The tyre is deflating against a rim which I suspect has damage - how much I really don't know but we all know how 'robust' Gransport wheels are. I suspect even if I (can and do) pump the tyre up....it will eventually deflate. But knowing how these rims can be....even if I get the rim seen to - there is a chance that it may be kaput....and I need to source a replacement.

When in Australia, sourcing one replacement gransport alloy is about as pleasant a rim job as being molested by Kong on heat.

So I need to plan for contingency....what if when all is said and done, the rim is buggered, the tyre is buggered - but I need to keep car mobile?

Presumably this means simply an ill-matching but reasonably well-fitting rim - have any members any past experience that may help illuminate me?

On a separate note - Is there a limit to how much 'refurbing' one may do to a potentially buckled or cracked GS rim before repairs become untenable? From what I can gather - it is not the most malleable of rim, and just an average amount of damage may render it useless.....


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It probably has a crack on the inside rim. If he cannot pump it past 4 psi, why would it hold 3 psi? I suspect his gauge or equipment may also be an issue.
yes i was thinking that, perhaps a little too much alarm here, was it ok when you parked it? If so then rim is probably still ok, so get a new tyre see how that goes.
Get a standard 4200 wheel (front or back) as a temp and have the old wheel sent off for an inspection.

You can drive safely on the 4200 wheel but if using a front on the rear drive accordingly.