What do you think to this?


Same here...I usually quite like white but not with the red here
I like red too...My 4200 has red leather. I love it ( to my surprise) - Its a bit more subtle with grey /black inserts and black carpets...
Put the two together and exercise no restraint. Not for me...:omg:
Lol just had a call from Essex, it's always a revelation!
I was speaking to a work colleague from down that way a few years ago, all I could hear in the background was, “CHARDONNAY, CHARDONNAY, have you got your stuff for school tomorrow?”

It’s a whole different world down there :eek:

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White with red is rare for a Ferrari in the UK.

Oh no. Hang on. I forgot about Essex.
You see a fair few LHD in a similar spec, often ex-Mid East. Christian Lewis had a white / red N/A Cali in a while back for repair. It looked ok, but didn't float my boat. It's a matter of personal taste, but there are other colour combinations I'd opt for first.