Well priced MC Stradale


Not sure what the forum policy is on name and shame, but I would never ever touch anything sold by this dealer after what I went through last time!

My advice, spend a little bit more and buy it from Dicky, just like many other have said on this forum.

Walk away... in fact run away from this dealer
To be fair, I’d also heard bad experiences from this dealer so worth being mindful of that if anyone is genuinely interested


A Stradale is worth every penny over any other Granturismo. Just like a 911 GT3 is worth more than the sum of its parts, so is the Stradale. Add in the low production volume and ridiculous good looks and you have a modern classic. As Matt mentioned above, it's not likely to go up in value anytime in the next decade however they don't really depreciate very much either so you can likely own one for a few years, 10k miles and see much of your money back. Nobody knows for sure but that's what they've been doing for several years now. I paid 67k for mine with 5k miles on it, I won't say what Zep bought it for with 12k miles on it but not too far away. It's now worth somewhere between 55 and 60k and is in its 9th year. Not much can beat that in the market.

Oh, that's a 2-seater, same at Matt's. If Maserati are to be believed, they made less than 80 RHD 2-seaters for the UK market. That makes it very low volume indeed. About double the number of 4-seaters are around and what's happened is that the 2 versions are worth the same even though the 4-seater is newer and cost slightly more. I think that will continue with both being desirable in their own ways. The 2-seater is daft as the back is wasted space (unless there's the rare roll cage) but this may make it more special to the market one day. But we're talking years and years from now when petrol v8 nostalgia is at its peak as we all get in hydrogen powered Volkswagens that automatically take us where we are going and take the cost straight from our banks and report it to HMRC.....
I believe the true figures for UK Strads are more like 40 of the 2 seaters and about 110 of the 4 seaters. So about 150 cars in total. Both versions are special. But one is more special than the other;)