Wanted. Manual 3200.


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I must admit I think it's the one a member on here mentioned to me a while ago and I was a bit either way, but since then I've grown to like the colour a lot more and have softened a lot on my need for a black interior. But realistically the price it's going to sell for the buyer's premium is likely to be another grand on top. They aren't daft these auction houses.

I am really kicking myself the first car I saw was black with cream leather and I liked it, it was just quite tatty for the price, but I'd be enjoying it now if I'd bought it.


Its a bit Marmite....!

If the leather were black, you might do something with it...
Never seen one in that "factory colour" and assumed it was Fiat Coupe "Sprint Blue" (which I really like) from thumbnail picture.

Many big ticket items recently touched which should be good news; "throttle body, potentiometer, clutch and the ABS module"
Is it really a genuine 3200 ? "no electrical faults or dashboard warning lights." ;)