Wanted : Gransport

Digging up an old thread but here go's.
Woots, are you still looking?

I own a Med Blue Gransport that I'm thinking of selling, only because I can't get comfortable as I have a back injury.

I bought her last September from a fellow forum member, Med Blue, full grey leather, heated electric seats, new clutch (Dick Lovett Swindon), ALL new suspension, All new brakes, ALL new wheel bearings, freshly refurbed wheels and new Michy sports all round.
The list of what's been done goes on and on, and an impeccable full service history to boot (dealer and specialists).
Original order and purchase invoice, two keys and every penny spent on her from new (I'm the 4th owner), all in two A4 clip folders.
She's in fantastic condition throughout.
The only downside is the mileage @ 103k, but don't let that put you off, she drives and looks like a 30k car.
PM me if your interested.

Not a very good picture (cloudy New Years day meet), but I have plenty on my phone.


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Hey mate, atm I’m lurking and do check back regularly. In the end I bought a new M140i to tie me over before they release details of any M2CS/CSL and then I’ll decide whether to go Maserati route or go with one of those....so bit of a waiting game atm

Good luck with your sale though!