The Highs and Lows of Owning an old Maserati


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So I’ve owned my 4200cc for a couple of years now. I am finding ownership of this car is such a roller coaster ride.
The highs
I’ve had loads of amazing cars. 5 Porsches, E60 M5, EVO 6, TVR etc and the 4200 cc holds its head up well against this opposition. In fact I would go as far to say it’s the best car I have ever owned. Suits me really well.
The Lows
The first year was relatively trouble free but the last 8 months I’ve had: a new clutch, gear actuator, F1 pump and now replaced water pump. Over £10k of work!!!!! I still love the car (my wife is getting close to her limit with it tbh)
In conclusion. These cars are relatively cheap to buy especially in the UK but the cost of ownership can be eye watering. Would I swap it for another 911— NO Would I swap it for an RS4–NO. Would I have bought it knowing how much it would cost me in 2 years- NO


Keep the faith, these are great cars and you have been unlucky with yours in terms of costs, best way to get value and enjoyment is to keep it and use it as much as you can.
You now have a car at the bottom of its depreciation curve in tip top condition, what’s not to love.
Enjoy !
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Exotic cars needing work as they age is well known, and partly explains why some are so cheap to buy - the 4200 being a case in point. A good pre-purchase inspection by a respected marque specialist should show the true condition of any potential purchase and any likely imminent expenditure (such as the requirement for a new clutch, in this particular case).

People shouldn’t be deterred from buying such cars and having the enjoyment, but they need to go into it informed, with their eyes open, and a war chest.

Fingers crossed your car is now in a state whereby it can be an ownership pleasure, with minimal financial input for a while.

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What he said - we see a few people come and get some heavy bills and disappear, now you have paid for it, enjoy it!
Absolutely right. You are gradually shortening the list of things that might become irksome. Point;ess to sell it and make the next guy's life easier.

I feel your pain, though. My Vantage was up and down to the dealer a lot with troubles and gripes. Even though it was under warranty Mrs Crud definitely had an eye on the likely costs of keeping it running well post-warranty. Naturally, it's going nowhere*. I love that car.

*not in the sense that Peter's goes nowhere.


There are about 10 threads on the forum that go:
"I'm thinking of buying a 10-year-old Maserati"
"Good idea, but take care: they can cost quite a lot for parts, and a fortune if something goes wrong"
"Nonsense! I've had mine for 5 years and it's cost me nothing"
"Well mine needs new bushes every 500 miles"
"Mine needs a new battery every year and I only drive it 86 miles!"
"Mine is a daily driver, so no battery problems, but a new wheel bearing every year is £800."


Bottom line is....
... These cars are relatively cheap to buy especially in the UK but the cost of ownership can be eye watering. ,,,,


There are about 10 threads on the forum that go:

"Mine needs a new battery every year and I only drive it 86 miles!"

Bottom line is....

Batteries are 'overrated'. You only require them to start the car - as mine is not used much I don't need/have one attached to the car for the time being. ;0)


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They are great cars but come with risk, Emblem called my Spyder the unlucky car as all checks showed it to be a good car but if something could go wrong it did. None of that stopped me loving it and I might have got out of it at just the time it was going to be fault free but the move Ireland with no local specialists meant we couldn't take that risk so sold it on.

Still miss it, especially on sunny days


That is a good high and low if ownership!!

Had my GS for 9 years now and average about £1400 per year, but that is with me doing most / all the work so mostly parts.
The car has been virtually restored in that time and the underside is as new, so a lot of it optional really.

If I had to pay for all repairs at a garage / specialist I’d probably have got shot of it a long time ago.

As mad as it seems I have even gone onto buy a non running 4200 last year which is now running and plan to have a bit of fun with it before moving it on.
That car has some massive bills in the history (for not a lot) and the car is in my eyes still needs a lot of improvement.

Anyway enjoy the car they are a relative bargain!