SM Motorbike thread


Sea Urchin Pate
I've done a few miles on it, but nowhere near enough in the 30 years I've owned it. It's no road burner, more a really smooth GT bike, and its 'interesting' handling is all is part of the charm. It sounds really nice and lays a blue haze for following traffic to drive through. Tbh, I bought it as a matt black painted rat bike, and I only wanted to restore it to have something to polish in the garage. However, when I rode it to get it tested, I decided to use it on nice days for gentle rides. The rest is history.


I had a Kawasaki H1 which is kind of the other end of the 2 stroke spectrum. Superb engine let down by a chassis that had no idea if it wanted to kill you or not. You could go round the same corner 100 times and it’d be fine. Do something imperceptibly different and it’d go all wibbly.

People who’ve started driving in the last decade always seemed to have this weird look on their face as you smoked past them.