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Thanks for the mention Hashluck. It is a very, very good example. We have been through the car and done a few little bits such as handbrake shoes and new pads and I can vouch that it drives impeccably well. The condition is outstanding, similar to cherished cars with less than half the mileage.


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I am very happy to say I bought this one and picked it up tonight. The history and condition were too good not to go for it having seen a few cars that weren’t up to scratch. I hadn’t specifically gone to view the GS but I’m glad I did after seeing and driving it. It won’t be a daily drive with my current commute being traffic heavy but will get used as intended! Thanks to Richard Grace for a smooth purchase and helpful advice.
Good choice Mooster. The previous owner is a perfectionist, and all the better for that fact. A good GS is a great car for the money. Enjoy!
Does anyone have a recommendation for someone further south, preferably Bucks / Herts?
Someone on here used these

I cannot comment as have no personal experience. But it does seem they will coat the chassis with the Dinitrol black finish whereas other treatments are clear, so you need to think about how you want it to look after treatment which may depend how the car currently looks underneath!